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Sitemap Submision For Better SEO

World Wide Web or WWW is what that everybody is acquainted with. A main issue with Globe Large Web is controlled by Look for Applications which offer us an simpler way to find material on Globe Large Web. We all confess that without the Google our lifestyle would have been a suffering in the go,visiting every website and looking for what we need.

There are a large number of search engines available on the web but the covers are GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING and ASK. These are search engines through which a greater part of traffic goes into a person's site.


Every webmaster wants guests to be created to his/her web page from these considerable search engines. But the issue is how?. What should be done to make the web page recognizable in the search engines to the web clients for them to come to your site. The answer is SITEMAP.


What is Sitemaps?

Sitemaps are the best way to make your web pages crawled by seach engine. Sitemap is an XML information file that contains all the URLs for a web page along with additional meta-data about each URL.
Creating and publishing a Sitemap would make sure that search engines index about all the websites on your website, such as URLs that may not be discoverable during frequent going process.


1. Provides visibility of the site in the search engine queries.
2. Helps in increasing the no of indexed URL’s in the search engines. Remember sitemaps does ensure that the URL’s will be indexed.
3. Helps in bettering crawling job of the site during the bot’s visit.
4. Provides linkage between the site URL’s.


There are many third party tools which themselves create a well formatted sitemaps as per standard defined on sitemap and supported by all the major search engines.
There a complete list of third party tools at Google which provides easy creation of sitemaps.


After you are done creating the sitemap its time to make the google remember that the sitemap is create and its time to spider.
This is done by submitting the sitemap to the google.
All google have provides methods to submit sitemaps to their listing. The methods for google are given below.

1. GOOGLE- Google has provided GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS. Login there and submit your sitemap.
2.YAHOO- Yahoo has its YAHOO SITE EXPLORER. Same here login and submit your sitemap.
3. BING- Bing has recently launched its WEBMASTERS TOOLBOX. login and submit.


For Look for engines its just publish the sitemap and its done keep it to Look for engines now for updations. But the other three are a bit idle. These have to be regularly advised for updations. Now how its done? The response in PING.
Pinging is just creating the entrance gong of these google band to tell them come to our website for updations. If its not done then any new updation to your website will not be cached in the google.


For Pinging Yahoo, Bing and Ask there are url’s for each that has to be typed in the browser and it will ping the search engines.

Yahoo SITEMAP URL.XML?redirect=false



Change the address in bold with your sitemap’s url and visit these url’s in your browser and ping will be done.

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